Visions of our future - my future speech

I remember when I watched Back to the Future II for the first time in 2013. I was fascinated and I hoped for a future like this.

But now, in 2020, it seems that the earth will die because of us. We murder our world because of our ignorance. I think that it is too late to heal our world, but we can slow down the process and do our very best to prevent worse things.

My dream of the future were flying cars and holograms. Many new and modern things. I was very excited, but now I’m scared. I’m scared of all the things that could happen to us.

For example, I didn’t expect that Covid-19 would arrive in Europe and now it’s everywhere.

I dreamed of a future full of freedom and health. Things we have never dreamed of before, awesome things, miracles.

But all I can see now is a dark world, full of fear, doomed to go down.

That’s not the future I want.

I want peace and freedom. No more child labour, no nuclear power, no environmental pollution. Together we can build up the perfect future. But everyone has to help.

future speech by Quentin Hacker

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